Atalanta 2014

I’ve been asked the question: “how do you price a painting?”

Any artist can choose the price for his own work. I look at my work as a product. When it’s finished. At the beginning of that process there are different issues, like inspiration, creativity and mastership. I like to work with theme’s for about 30 years now, in a certain style, which is a guarantee for unique material, price stability and value increase.

Different techniques stand for variable prices. A paper and pencil are cheaper than canvas and oil paint. The painting you see above is sold for $ 220.00 at the opening of the permanent exhibition in the restaurant “De Mediterraanse Chef” in Capelle aan den IJssel, the Netherlands. The current owner holds the painting while I subscribe a message for her. It was bought by her father-in-law, an art collector.

My prices vary between $ 40,00 and $ 5.700,00. For the small amount you obtain a little drawing in a little, but fine frame. It takes me a day to make it, because I also have to create the idea and perhaps make a picture.

For my largest painting stands exactly the same rules, but then I’m working for a few months. Next to material and wages there are additionally costs. Often you have to pay commission up to 50% and taxes. My work as a freelancer requires remittance once a year, a variable amount of money. What remains is a reasonable, fashionable monthly income.

Off course there are specifics.

In February 2015 a painting of Paul Gauguin was sold for $ 340 million.

And in May 2012 “The Scream” from Munch did $ 135 million. I’ve seen the painting in real life. It’s a painting with an average frame and made with oil and pastel. At an auction in New York the painting was sold to an anonymous buyer. A Norwegian businessman whose father knew the painter himself was the seller. This unique and famous painting can be seen from September 25th 2015 during the exhibition “Munch – Van Gogh” in the Van Goghmuseum in Amsterdam. I’ve just called the museum and got the confirmation that “The Scream” will be present.

In Zeeland, the Netherlands 1975, I sold my first work. Drawing was my hobby, also in assignment for classmates. The owner of a local advertising agency had a conference meeting with my father and saw my work.

This resulted in my first paid assignments for $ 17.


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