Flying Birds

Column 221115 Flying Birds

I just saw birds fly. It’s 8 o’clock and nature is quiet. Every once in a while there’s a dark and fat cloud, that drops a little rain. That’s okay, it’s autumn.

They flew over the forrest. It’s named “Het Schollebos”, but it’s not really a forrest, more a Public Park, since 1974 in Capelle. The kind of bird was at that time irrelevant, because my thoughts concerned flying itself. If there were no birds at all, man probably wouldn’t  have considered the idea of flying himself. In early days man wanted to fly exactly like birds, with the great example: the eagle. One man after the other jumped of heights with wing-like elements attached to arms and legs. They all fell down.

The old Egyptians apparently knew better. At archaeological excavations a model glider of 3500 years is found. But, that was all there is.

Only in the 19th century man really searched for ways to stay up in the air. The brothers Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier saw one night a blouse above the fire puff out and rise. Because the family had a paper-factory , they started making paper-balloons. And on November 21st 1783, yesterday 232 years ago, man flew for the first time. The balloon flew 39370 inches  above Paris.

This is a fact from the web. Paris, I’m still dismayed by the enormous imprisonment of last week! Man should be free. Free to live, think and act. Off course with respect for each other and within rules, for we are numerous!

I refer often to the freedom of birds, but also call that seemingly. Also birds have rules. They communicate during flights and give orders. The goose is one of my favorite themes to paint and exhibit with. For this reason I had many photo sessions and communication with them.  They love to pose and walk away when I’m done. I always thank them. An incredible experience!

Before, in Zeeland, there was already the impression of geese. As a little girl I went with my mother to the bakery. Afterwards we walked near a square with a statue of a goose. I was of the same height and impressed. Many years later I met the sculptor: Anton Beijsens. He gave me permission to paint his goose. Recently there’s annoyance of the geese. Due to the Zeeuwse Geese-agreement of 2014 their population has to remain in balance. Since October 2015 there’s geese meat for sale at some farms and restaurants. I’ve eaten geese eggs. And fetched them in the meadow. Cooked they don’t taste so good, but in the apple-pie of my neighbour the egg tastes delicious!



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